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Reconsidering Classic Furniture Design

At FMW, we have a passion for custom reclaimed barn wood and live edge furniture. We live in a place that has inspiring and abundant natural beauty. The wood that comes from the Colorado Rocky Mountains is unique. The uniqueness is due to the altitude and the weather patterns that impact the trees. Whether it comes from reclaimed timbers from one of Colorado’s many historic mining sites, or from lumber harvested from cut trees such as beetle kill pine, the wood has character. Ultimately, the end result is beautiful, one-of-a-kind furniture that fits in a variety of home and professional environments.

A significant part of the FMW business plan is to bring to market unique re-interpretations of classic furniture designs such as furniture from the “Arts and Crafts” design style, only instead of craft woodwork, we want to incorporate metals like steel, aluminum and brass in order to create furniture that appeals to current tastes. This very much includes incorporating reclaimed wood, and found metal in to the furniture. As a result, along with standard product lines, we also want to offer custom, one-off pieces as well.

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